ARTIST: Sex Pistols x Midnight Studios
BACKGROUND: Bravado collaborated with designer Shane Gonzales (Midnight Studios) to produce a capsule collection sold exclusively by Selfridges, London.
DELIVERABLES: Design development, liaison with artist management and merchandise manager, project co-ordination with external designers, printers, and manufacturers.
ARTIST: Sex Pistols
BACKGROUND: Working alongside our A&R departments, I have been responsible for the design content and creation of new business presentations to artists such as Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, The Clash, Amy Winehouse, and 5SOS. These documents inform an understanding of the audience demographic and help us to develop a strategy enabling the assets to be further expanded and capitalised upon. The Sex Pistols Brand guide is an example of one of these presentations.
DELIVERABLES: Research and immersion into the band’s history. Design audit and assessment of key artwork assets. Demonstrate strategic thinking. Manage workflow and collaborate with A&R and creative to produce a cohesive informative document.
CLIENT: Bravado
BACKGROUND: In association with the Selfridges event titled 'Future Punk' - Bravado was invited to produce and display a range of 'classic' punk t-shirt designs. This was Bravado’s first venture in developing a private label fashion brand and was very fast turn around and on a very tight budget. Having been let down by the commissioned interior designers, the task fell on my shoulders to make this happen and produce a 'statement' merchandise display that met with the stores’ very rigorous fire regulations. To achieve this, I designed and commissioned the manufacture of steel tables, benches and display cages to secure valuable artefacts and memorabilia. The merchandise was framed and hung on an installation made of scaffolding poles and the ‘signing’ was applied to oversized xxxl garments to ensure high visibility (as product they did not have any compliance issues)
DELIVERABLES: Brand Identity design, merchandise design, furniture and secure display cabinet design, point of sale graphics, marketing and promotional materials production and installation management.